Top Android Online Pokies Apps For Smartphones

Android Online Pokies

For Aussies looking to gamble on the move, one potential option is Android online pokies. Australia is home to millions of Android users, so there's plenty of choice around as gambling providers rush to get a slice of the mobile smartphone and tablet market.

Here you'll find our reviews team's shortlist of the top sites for Android online pokies apps and mobile sites. First, though, there are probably a few things you want to know about playing online pokies on Android devices:

  • How to access pokies on your smartphone
  • Whether or not it's safe, and legal, to play
  • If it's possible to make deposits in AUD

If you're looking for a great place to play online using your Samsung Galaxy or other Android device, there are no sites better than Ruby Fortune .

Android Online Pokies Sites

Your Options For Android Gaming

First of all, some information on how you can play for real money on your Android. There are two ways to play slots on your mobile:


It's quite difficult for casino game providers to get real money games into app stores like the Google Play marketplace. Still, you will find a couple of companies that have managed it!

Mobile SitesMobile Sites

A more common choice of Android online pokies. Australia may have some fairly permissive online gambling laws, but it's much easier to offer real money casino games like pokies through a mobile site than an app.

Real Money Android

Neither is better than the other, and both allow you to access pokies from wherever you are in Oz! You can still add a mobile site to your Samsung Galaxy's home screen, where it will function just like an app, except it will never need to be updated and will always have the newest games.

As you could probably guess, even with advancements in smartphone technology, the graphics and gameplay can sometimes be a little more basic in Android pokies online. Australia is spoiled for choice with the huge range of casino games and online pokies available, so this may feel like a bit of a step back.

But, if you've got a hankering for real money gaming when you're on the go, they're still a good way to wager some AUD.

Banking on Android

If you’ve got an Android device, phone or tablet, you’ll find that banking is easy and secure. Whether you’re using a Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, or other type of smart device, chances are your favourite online Australian casino has developed an app that will allow you to access all banking services.

When you utilize an Android app you’ll be happy to know that you’ll have the same protection you enjoy when banking online. In other words, the casino app comes with 128-bit encryption software designed to protect all of your personal information when banking. When connecting with your Aussie casino it’s best to do so using a secure Wi-Fi connection.

Best Android Casinos

If you own an Android device, you’ll be glad to know that you have your choice of premium Australian casinos from which to choose. Our team of online pokie casino experts has carefully evaluated a large number of AU gaming rooms. Our featured Android casinos offer players a safe, secure, and fair gaming environment. Fast and efficient banking services, the best pokies and casino games, and great bonuses and promotions are available at each of our top casinos.


How easy is making deposits? Is it safe? Can I use AUD at Android pokies online?

Australia is pretty lucky in that attitudes toward gambling are very liberal, so it's easy to make a deposit at online pokies or at an online casino. Making deposits is usually as simple as doing so on your desktop or laptop, but some Android pokies will require you to make real money deposits from a computer rather than via mobile.

Deposits and withdrawals are as safe as any other online transaction, provided you take the proper precautions. When dealing with personal information or making a deposit, we'd recommend that you use your own WiFi network wherever possible. 3G and 4G use should be fine too, but using public unsecured WiFi networks is not advisable as it may put your data at risk.

Are all of my favourite games available?

Whichever games are in your local poky in Australia, pokies online (Android included) are almost sure to have it. It's very difficult to port online casinos to smartphone apps for online pokies or mobile games, but slots are one of the few titles that translate extremely well to mobile play. For that reason, games providers focus on adding as big a range as possible to online pokies!

Is my Android up to running online pokies

Pokies aren't exactly the most complicated game around some only even require you to push a single button. This means that you should be able to play slots on your smartphone, even if it's not exactly the most up to date model in Australia!

Online pokies, Android included, automatically adjust to your device. As well as things like screen size, this can also include things like graphics and how much processing power is needed to play. That means they won't usually direct you to play any title that your smartphone isn't capable of handling.

Do I need to create a separate account?

That depends on the site you're using! If you already have an account with a site, you won't need to create another one to use Android online pokies. Australia allows online gambling too, so you can feel comfortable using a wide range of payment methods without any need to be anonymous.

Where can I find the best Australia pokies online (Android apps, mobile, etc)?

Aussie players are split for choice when it comes to online pokies. With hundreds of sites, mobile games and a dedicated app or two, it's never been easy to partake in real money gambling. Our site showcases some of the best that we've found in our years playing at online pokies.