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POLi is familiar to a lot of Australians as a popular payment provider, and it's also one of the leading banking options at the cashier for online pokies. POLi provides instant deposits that get players to the pokies online that much quicker. It is free to use and most real money gaming sites accept it.

Just scroll down this page to see the reviews team's shortlist of the best sites for online pokies with POLi. We rank Ruby Fortune as the best of them all, though thanks to POLi's popularity in Australia there are many different online casinos that accept it.

  • A trusted Australian payment provider
  • Complete POLi online pokies transactions instantly
  • Fund your account through your choice of payment method

POLi Friendly Online Pokies Sites

About POLi And Making Payments

POLi is an Aussie-owned online payment system that acts as a middleman between your online banking account and wherever you're looking to spend money; in this case, Australia pokies online. POLi was built by a Melbourne based company, and is specifically designed for folks in Oz, which is an obvious benefit.

The only requirement you have to meet is that your bank must be part of the POLi network. At the time of writing, Aussie banks enrolled with the scheme include:

That's a pretty decent selection, and most Australians probably have an account with at least one of these banks and maybe even two or three. If you're playing from New Zealand, a handful of banks used by Kiwis have also registered for the scheme.

Although it's at its most useful at Australian online pokies, POLi can be used at countless other sites including Skype, several different airlines, Twitch and various other charities and stores. If you find it convenient for real money gambling, it just might end up becoming something you use every day to make payments online.

Alternatives To POLi

Alternatives to POLi

Online pokies, Australia/New Zealand banks and players from Oz are a great fit. However, if your bank isn't listed above, you may need to think about an alternative method of payment for making deposits and withdrawals.

The following are some examples of alternative payment methods that have a reputation for being safe, simple and secure:

  • Neteller
  • MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • Visa

There are other options around, but one of the above will more than likely suit the purpose so you might as well stick with one of them if you can. We have other pages about each method, their advantages and disadvantages and so on.

Advantages of POLi

We mentioned this above, but it's worth repeating. POLi was specifically designed to play nice with the Aussie banking system. This means that POLi are fully aware of any new regulations, upcoming changes that must be accounted for and so on that overseas payment providers may not be aware of.

Because POLi uses existing bank systems to process real cash payments, all of their transactions are subject to bank-grade security. POLi doesn't save your data, unlike some other payment methods, but simply acts as a secure gateway to connect your money to an online casino.

POLi doesn't require any special account because it works by prefilling payment details in your online banking portal when you select it as a payment method. This is great for users because it means that there is no lengthy signup process or need to wait for approval before you can try it out for the first time.

There are even more advantages to using POLi, such as:

  • Payments are processed instantly, so there's no waiting around for money to clear
  • It's free to use POLi for online pokies payments
  • It's secure and simple, and allows you to pay without a credit card

How to Use POLi

Poli is easy and convenient to use. Go to your online pokie casino banking page and select POLi as your payment method. Once you choose POLi, you’ll be taken to a list of banks that use POLi. Select your bank and then choose the “proceed to payment” option. Fill out the payment amount and then go to your bank and log into your account. Select the bank’s Pay Anyone option and choose POLi.

After that you’ll be asked to provide some information including the amount you want to transfer. You can then process the payment. After the money is transferred into your casino account via POLi, you’ll receive an electronic receipt. You can then go and play real money pokies at your online casino.

Best POLi Online Casinos

If you’re considering joining an Australian online pokie casino, make sure that you review our shortlist of featured gaming sites. In order to develop our list, we’ve evaluated each casino in various ways, considering the quality of their customer service, attention to safety and security, catalogue of pokies and casino games, and types of bonuses and promotions.


Is POLi a small-time operation?

Not at all. Even though it's only available in Australia and New Zealand, POLi processes over 1 billion AUD worth of payments every year. They're also partnered with countless Australian institutions and a large number of banks. In 2014, they were acquired by SecurePay and are now part of Australia Post.

As you can see from the above, they're no tiny startup struggling to make it! You may find this comforting, as their large size means that they have plenty of money to spend on security, making sure their interface is top notch and building more connections.

Is POLi safe?

POLi is very careful when it comes to security. They don't store personal details, and they work closely with banks to ensure that the connections they make with them are doing everything that they need to be.

It's just as safe as using a credit or debit card online, except you get even more peace of mind because of the way POLi acts as another layer of security between you and the retailer.

Can I use POLi outside of New Zealand/Australia?

Pokies online POLi use is, for now, restricted to Kiwis and those in Oz. This may change at some point in the future, but for now you can't use it unless you're from one of these two countries. This is because POLi doesn't have the same relationship with banks from elsewhere in the world that they do with those in Australia and New Zealand.