Online Pokies Terms

Pokies are Australia�s leading online casino game. However, there are lots of unusual terms that go along with the brilliantly coloured and fast-paced game of pokies that can make a beginner feel a little lost. But don't worry as we have come to the rescue and translated the many terms here for you, so you have them in a single handy reference.

Bonuses Bonuses:
Extra prizes given out by the online casino for playing, betting a certain amount of money, winning or other pre-determined requirements. These bonuses can take the form of free spins, extra payouts, free credits or other perks.

Coins or Credits Coins or Credits:
The tokens you purchase with your real money in order to play pokies. When you win you get credits in return that can be cashed out for real money, or bet on more games.

Cumulative Jackpot Cumulative Jackpot:
This jackpot grows with every successive spin of the machine that doesn�t produce a winning combination. It is also known as a progressive jackpot.

Doubles Doubles:
A double symbol will count as two of any symbol you need to finish out the line. It is an almost guaranteed payout for any paying symbol you get.

Free Spin

Free Spin:

A particular pokie bonus for obtaining a certain symbol combination, or other pre-determined requirement, set up by the game. The free spins you receive allow you to play the game at no cost - and keep your winnings - until the free spins run out. In addition, wins are often higher during a free spin period.

Hit Rate Hit Rate:
The average percentage of times the pokie machine produces a winning spin. The Hit Rate or Hit Frequency may also be given as the average between the number of losing spins vs. winning spins.

Hold Hold:
A button often seen on three-reel fruit pokies that enable you to hold one or two reels while the others spin. This gives you a better chance to hit a winning combination.

Minimum Minimum:
The lowest amount of money (or credits) that can be bet on any given machine.



Designated symbols on the pokie machine that increase the size of your win. This works by your payout being multiplied by the multiplier's value. Thus a "2x multiplier" symbol will double your winnings.

Payline Payline:
A line, not necessarily horizontal, across the displayed symbols that you must obtain a winning combination on in order to be paid out. This payline can take many shapes, diagonal, vertical, horizontal and other combinations specified by the particular game. Most pokies offer the ability to bet on several different combinations of paylines for more chances to win with each spin.

Payout Percentage Payout Percentage:
A rating based on independent testing that shows how often an online casino's games pays out on average. Bear in mind this value is based on hundreds of thousands of transactions.

Pay Schedule Pay Schedule:
Also called the Pay Table, this is the listing of payline combinations and the jackpots for each combination allowed.



A symbol that is "wild." Also known as Wild Symbols". They take the place of any of the desired figures to complete a sequence.

Random Number Generator:

Random Number GeneratorAlso known as an RNG, this is a machine based number program that produces random results in all online casino games and keeps the games from being manipulated. It is completely free of human bias or intervention.



A particular designated symbol that will produce a jackpot amount for showing up without regard to the configuration of the payout line. If this symbol turns up, even if none of the other symbols match in a line, you will win a certain amount. It differs from a wild symbol or a randomizer because it has no bearing on the rest of the payout line. On some pokies, the scatter will also double as a randomizer and if it does appear in conjunction with a series of symbols, it increases the payout of that line. At other times the number of scatters that appear will produce an exponentially larger random payout.

Static Jackpot
Static Jackpot:
A fixed prize amount for a winning combination. The amount of the jackpot never changes regardless of when the machine last produced a winning combination.

Symbols Symbols:
The pictures that show when you spin. Each wheel must line up with the matching symbols across the payline to produce a winning payout.

There are many terms to learn, and every online pokie machine has its own rules and payout regulations. Always make sure you read the rules of each machine carefully so you understand what you are looking for and how to bet each game before you play. The best way to learn is to actually get in on the games, however. We have the very best online pokies casinos for you right here, so get started right now.

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