Skrill Online Pokies Deposits In 2024

Play Online with Skrill

One of the biggest games in the Australian online casino scene is online pokies, and Skrill has emerged as one of the players' most popular payment options. Using Skrill for online pokies has the advantage of the speed the provider offers for real money deposits, plus the wise acceptance of Skrill at Australian online pokies sites.

On this page you'll find our reviews team's selection of the top sites for playing pokies online. Skrill is accepted at them all, and they guarantee you a great experience both at the gaming table and at the cashier.

With Skrill you can expect:

  • Bonus offers for depositing with the provider
  • Discreet payments that are totally secure
  • Paying is very easy on an app via smartphone or tablet

If you’re a pokie player in Australia looking for the best online casino that accepts Skrill deposits, we’d recommend playing at Ruby Fortune .

Top Skrill Online Pokies Sites

How Skrill Developed

Aussie players are often confused when they come across conflicting information about Australia, online pokies, Skrill and Moneybookers. Skrill and Moneybookers are often used interchangeably, which can be puzzling if you don't know that they're actually the same company.

Moneybookers started up in 2001, and soon became a favourite of online casino punters and lovers of playing Australia pokies online. 'Skrill' came about after the company was rebranded. The name change certainly didn't put people off, and Skrill now has tens of millions of users and processes billions of AUD worth of transactions every year.

Let's look at a few advantages of using Skrill online pokies:

  • Australia, the USA, Europe; wherever you're playing, you'll be able to use Skrill. There are very few casinos that don't accept Skrill, and the company really has managed to jump on the gap in the market that was left by PayPal's absence
  • Skrill offers local currency support, so you can use over 30 different currencies (including AUD) and transfer balances between them if desired
  • With substantial investment in their mobile service, tech development and the best customer support, Skrill is streets ahead of many competitors in the payment processing space
  • Many casinos offer cashback and real money bonuses for using Skrill. Pokies online, Australia or anywhere else, can be a demanding mistress so getting some free cash to spend is always a good thing.
  • With an upper transfer limit of almost 75,000 AUD per 90 days, the average Aussie player never has to worry about incurring fees or hitting cash limits

The Future Of Skrill

Future of Skrill

Australia online pokies are one thing, but Skrill's reach extends far beyond the world of online gambling in Oz. Accepted at over 150,000 businesses online, including eBay, Skype and many other household names, Skrill is much more than just a way to fund online gambling.

It's gone from a niche product with a very specific purpose to a legitimate contender to PayPal, which is a pretty impressive feat. They've also expanded beyond online payments into the real world with the Skrill prepaid MasterCard. This offers all of the same benefits as a regular MasterCard, which you can find on our page about MasterCard, but it's not connected to a bank account and will only let you withdraw the amount of money in your account.

While you might wish to keep your online gambling activity firmly on the web, it's a nice touch to be able to use a Skrill MasterCard to withdraw your winnings from any ATM in Oz.

There are plenty of alternatives to Skrill, such as

  • Neteller – another e-wallet service, also offering a prepaid MasterCard
  • Visa/MasterCard – popular credit card providers for Aussie players
  • POLi – an Australian payment system that interfaces with your online banking account
  • Bank/wire transfers – a more traditional option, and a little slower than most other methods, but still a possibility

There are many more options in addition to those above but, with so many people already using Skrill–which has firmly established itself as a powerhouse in the online gambling space and beyond–you have to wonder whether it's worth bothering with any of them.

Using Skrill

Skrill is very easy to use. First, you’ll need to set up your Skrill account. This can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. Before you can use Skrill to deposit cash into your online casino account, you will have to fund the e-wallet. You can do so using your bank account or credit or debit card. Input your bank or card information and then transfer cash into your Skrill.

Once the cash is confirmed as being in your e-wallet, you may transfer it to your casino. To do so go to your online casino, select Skrill as your payment method, and fill in the amount you want to transfer from your e-wallet. The transfer of cash from your e-wallet to your online casino account will occur in seconds.

Finest Skrill Online Casinos

A large number of Australian online pokie casinos accept Skrill as a payment method. Our group of online casinos experts has used their vast knowledge and experience to evaluate a large list of online casinos. In doing so, they have developed a short list of the finest online real money pokie casinos that accept Skrill.

We’ve evaluated these gaming sites according to various criteria, including each site’s selection of pokies and their range and variety of other casino games; safety, security, and trustworthiness; quality of software; and range of bonuses and promotions. Take a moment to review our featured casinos. We know you’ll find a great online pokie casino.


Is it safe to use Skrill? And is it easy to set up?

Skrill's safety is one of its biggest selling points. Use it and no-one can see your credit card number or personal details. While it's very unlikely that Skrill would fall victim to hackers it means that, if they ever did, only the money in your Skrill account could be compromised. If you're of a nervous disposition, make sure to cash out regularly to stay even safer.

Creating an account is simple. It's just a matter of entering a few details and using another payment method to fund the account. You will need to wait for your account to be approved before you can start playing, but this doesn't usually take long. Skrill is a well-oiled machine, so they're used to dealing with thousands of new account requests every day.

Can I use it for other sites besides web casinos/Australia online pokies?

Skrill's reputation is for being the 'PayPal of real money gaming' online but, as we've mentioned above you can actually use your account for much more than that.

You may like to keep it as something separate that you only use for online gambling, as this does make it easier to keep track of your spending and winnings, but you could just as easily make it one of your standard online payment options.