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Using Neteller

One of Australia's more popular alternative payment options for all things gambling and online pokies, Neteller provides an easy transactions method at the online cashier without having to give up your financial details. Players enjoy the speed of real money gaming deposits with Neteller, and online pokies sites are keen to reward your first deposits with a bonus.

All of the shortlisted sites here will offer you a good experience with both making deposits with Neteller and online pokies gaming. They have been vetted for their player friendly cahier sections and range of pokies online.

  • Enjoy payments within days or hours
  • Australians pay no fees for using Neteller
  • Sign up at any of the top online pokies sites

If you’re looking for the best possible site accepting Neteller deposits, you’ll find that Ruby Fortune ticks all of your boxes.

Top Neteller Online Pokies Sites

All About Neteller

Don't have a credit card or don't want to use it to play Australia pokies online? Neteller might be just the alternative you're looking for. Because PayPal doesn't allow real money gambling transactions in Oz and some players are a little cagey about using their credit cards to fund online casino accounts, online gamblers were crying out for a viable alternative for real cash gaming.

That alternative came in 1999 in the form of Neteller. What started as a small-scale startup designed to provide individuals and businesses with an alternative to credit cards and other payment methods of the time grew more rapidly than anyone was expecting.

Popular with Online Gambling

The business became so popular that it was being used to process a huge majority of online gambling transactions from all over the world soon after its creation. Neteller now processes billions of AUD worth of transactions in over 200 countries every year, much–but not all–of which is comprised of deposits and withdrawals relating to online gambling.

Since then several other alternative options have sprung up, such as:

  • Visa or MasterCard – the two most popular credit card providers for Aussie players
  • Skrill – an e-wallet system quite similar to PayPal and Neteller
  • POLi – an Aussie owned payment gateway that adds a layer of security between retailers and players' online banking accounts

That's just a snapshot of the other payment methods on the market, and there are many more to choose from. Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages but, despite Neteller being one of the first payment options in the online gambling space, it remains one of the top players in the online gaming space. Today, there are thousands of Neteller pokies online—Australia players are accepted at plenty of them too!

With that being the case, you know it must have some serious advantages associated with it...and it definitely does.

Neteller Advantages

Neteller Advantages

There's hardly a casino in the world that doesn't accept Neteller as a payment option. Because the company has been around for a long time, it's built a real foothold with lots of international casinos including many that accept players from Oz. If you're shopping around, hitting numerous casinos to chase the best odds or the biggest progressive jackpots, it's a big help to be able to use a single payment processor at all of them.

Because Neteller grew so quickly, they were able to put considerable investment into their security processes. As a result, they now have protection that's on par with or maybe even better than the vast majority of banks and online retailers.

They're licensed by all the proper authorities and have millions of customers all over the world.

The relationship between Neteller and online casinos is so strong that many casinos work hard to encourage its use. There are no fees associated with making deposits or withdrawals using Neteller, which can sometimes be the case with other payment options, and casinos even offer bonuses/cashback for using Neteller when you play with them.

Making a Neteller Deposit

Neteller is an e-wallet that is accepted at virtually every Australian online casino. In order to use this payment method, you’ll have to create a Neteller account, have your information confirmed, and deposit cash into your Neteller. Registering with Neteller takes just a few minutes and then it takes a few days to confirm all details.

To transfer cash from your Neteller account to your online pokie casino account go to your casino and log in. Navigate to the banking page and select Neteller. Put in your account information, input the amount of cash you want to transfer, and then select the amount of your deposit. Finally, confirm the information and transfer your cash by selecting the payment button. You’ll be able to play pokies and other casino games for real money in no time as your casino account is instantly credited.

The Top Neteller Casinos Online

If you are an Australian online pokie player who wants to use Neteller as a banking method, you’re probably concerned about making sure you’re going to play at a quality gaming site. The good news is that our team of online pokie experts has taken the time to find the very best Australian online pokie casinos. All of the online casinos that we feature on this page offer players a large collection of the best pokies, great customer service, and a safe and secure gaming environment. Take a moment to read through our shortlist of top casinos to find the online pokie casino that is the right fit for you.


How easy is it to set up a Neteller account?

Very! But do be aware that the process can take a little bit of time. Neteller are extremely careful to prevent money launderers from using their service, so need to verify your personal details before you can start playing. This doesn't take more than a day or two, and it's good that they're actively keeping criminals off Neteller, but you do need to factor that time in before you can start playing.

Can I use it for anything other than web casinos/Australia online pokies?

Neteller may have built a name for itself in the online gambling space, but there's much more to it than that side of things. Neteller also has partnerships with a number of forex, online gaming and retail companies, so you can use your Neteller account wherever you see the logo.

Does Neteller only work online?

Although Neteller accounts are primarily associated with real money gambling and other spending on the web, you can take your Neteller account on the go using a Net+ prepaid MasterCard.

This is a great little bonus, as it offers all the benefits of a standard MasterCard but you can only spend the money you have in your account. That means you can use it like a debit card for offline purchases or, if you prefer to keep your account just as your bankroll for Australia online pokies, Neteller account funds can be accessed at any ATM using your Net+ card. You can withdraw over 4,000 AUD per day this way.