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Gladiator Free Online Pokie Game

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How to Play

The Gladiator online pokies game is more of a traditional online machine. It allows you to choose how many bet lines you’ll be playing from 1 to 25. It gives you the choice of how much you’re betting per line, and it also lets you auto spin if you don’t feel like pressing the spin button each and every time.

  • Scatter symbols
  • Gladiator bonus round
  • The Coliseum bonus

Symbols to Look out For

While playing the game you’ll want to be on the lookout for the scatter coliseum photos. These scatter symbols will always award you with a prize and when you get three of them in a row you unlock the coliseum free spin bonus.

Gambling Winnings

As you play the game you’ll realize that you can gamble with your winnings each and every time. This feature gives you the chance to either double your winnings or lose them whenever you choose to do so. It’s an exciting feature that you should try out at least a few times, and can help you earn some additional AUD off a win.

Graphics and Sound

Sound bites and graphics are taken straight from the Ridley Scott Gladiator film making this Australia online pokies game quite exciting to play. Major victories are accompanied by instruments playing and action-packed clips that keep you engaged and wanting more. Whether you’re a fan of the Gladiator film, or you simply want to play an engaging game of online pokies in Australia, the Gladiator is one to try out.

Bonus Features

While playing the Gladiator Australia online pokies game you’ll have two different bonus opportunities, the Coliseum and the Gladiator bonus. Each works completely different and offers you different potential rewards, but the coliseum is the more exciting of the two.

The Coliseum Bonus

To unlock this bonus you have to get three scatter symbols anywhere on the screen that you’re playing. When you get these symbols you’ll see a quick cut scene and then be brought to the coliseum round of the game. While playing in this round you simply click on blank tiles showing across the screen to unlock cool prizes. There is a row with free game tiles, one with multiplier tiles, one with extra scatter and extra wild symbols. You’ll expand the number of scatter and wild symbols during the free rounds by picking the symbols, and you’ll determine how many free games you get and what the multiplier is by picking the tiles in those rows. Then you play through your free spins to see what massive prizes you’ve won.

Gladiator Bonus

By getting at least three Gladiator symbols on the screen in a current pay line you unlock the Gladiator bonus. This is a simple bonus that isn’t very interactive, but can reward a decent amount in winnings. You simply watch an empty screen as gladiator helmets pop up and read off an AUD amount. All these amounts add up to give you the total prize money that you earned for the bonus, which can be quite substantial.

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Gladiator Online Pokies Review

The Gladiator is an exciting pokies machine from Playtech and one of the most interactive that you’ll find, especially during the time it was released. The game offers impressive bonuses and two different bonus games to keep you busy and give players something to look forward to while enjoying the game.