Jurassic Park Pokies Review

Jurassic Park Free Online Pokie Game

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Bonus round

5 Different

Overall rating

96 /100

How to Play

Playing Jurassic Park online pokies in Australia is simple to do. You set up your bet amount and then start spinning to see if you win or not. The goal of the game is to get at least three of any symbol on a pay line to win a prize. The wilds are worth the most and you can unlock the jackpot with five wilds in a row. The next most valuable symbol is the Dr.

  • Five bonus types
  • Exciting dinosaur theme
  • Variable bet options

As you play you’ll unlock bonuses and can use them to rack up additional prizes or larger prizes as you play. It’s very simple to get the hang of and you’ll be confident about Jurassic Park the same day that you start playing it.

Graphics and Sounds

While you play Jurassic Park online pokies you’ll be impressed with the visuals throughout the game. The background is full of trees and has a deep jungle feel. The symbols are made up of dinosaurs and high resolution character photos from the original Jurassic Park film. Not only do the symbols and detailed background bring the pokies game to life, but there are cinematic sounds as you play the game and clips from the film itself when you win. All of these special graphics and sounds make the Jurassic Park online pokies game into an exciting experience. It’s one of the best pokies available in Australia for that reason and very memorable to a dinosaur lover.

Bonus Features

If you’re trying to find versatile online pokies in Australia that offer a lot more than just spinning reels Jurassic Park is a pretty solid option. Most pokies offer one bonus or two at the most, Jurassic park offers five different bonus rounds to play. Each game is themed after a different type of dinosaur and things are always interesting while playing. The bonuses are all activated by getting three or more Jurassic Park wild symbols in the reels while playing the game. As soon as you meet this requirement a bonus is randomly awarded and will either add extra wilds, multiply prize values or generate more winnings for specific pay lines.

The T-Rex Warning

Unlocking the T-Rex Warning adds a total of 35 additional wild symbols into the collection of symbols the machine will run through. This makes it easier to win prizes and is generally followed by a nice streak of prize wins. When the bonus is activated the screen flashes red and a series of dinosaur stomps can be heard.

Jurassic Park Online Pokies Review

Jurassic Park is a rock solid game with a long history of success. It’s the type of game that players will follow from one casino to another. If you’re look for a fun new type of pokies to try out, Jurassic Park will likely appeal to you like it does most Aussie players. It’s available in most Australia accessible casinos, and is simple to learn. Winning the top jackpot bonus will leave you with plenty to be happy about, but even standard wins can become quite large thanks to all the different bonuses available.

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