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Another Microgaming slots title, Mayan Princess is just one of several games looking to capitalize on a theme relating to the ancient civilization. But, as I'll cover in this Mayan Princess online pokies review, I think it's actually one of the best.

Boasting better graphics and a more lucrative bonus rounds than the other Mayan titles on the market, this is a great choice for Australia pokies online fans. Let's take a closer look at why that's the case.

How To Play

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Played a few other 5-reel slots online pokies? Australia-based players, providing that's the case, will feel very much at home here. The game plays like most of Microgaming's other titles, and there's nothing too out of the ordinary here.

  • 20 paylines ways to win – There could be fewer, but there could also be a lot more. It's not uncommon to encounter dry spells, going 10 or more spins without a single win.
  • Bonus features – More on this below, but you can enjoy a free spins bonus round with a multiplier when playing Mayan Princess. Pokies rating hinges on a good bonus round, so it's nice to see this featured
  • Coin size ranging from 0.01 to 0.20, so you'll be able to play no matter how many AUD you've come prepared with. Even at the max of 10 coins per line, the max bet may be a bit low for really high rollers.

There's no red/black gamble feature, like in many newer titles, so it's very easy to just choose your bet size and start playing immediately. I had a bit of a rollercoaster experience when I started playing—I went twelve spins without a thing then, out of nowhere, had a win worth almost half the bankroll I started with. That was definitely an unexpected treat.


People often say that Las Vegas is like Disney World for grownups. Given that most Aussie players will never get there, I'm grateful that slots like this try to capture that idea. The world of the Mayans may be long gone, but this game attempts to recapture it with exotic symbols like sun disks, warrior masks, ancient coins and err...maize.

The graphics aren't bad at all and the animations that kick in when a player wins are very nice. You'll be longing to see the Mayan Princess coming to life and doing her dance, as this is usually accompanied by some great AUD wins. The music is also very catchy, and I found myself whistling it for the rest of the day after playing.

Bonus Features

As I said above, a good bonus round is key so this is hugely important to our Mayan Princess pokies rating. Fortunately, there's some good news. Mayan Princess has got a great bonus round, offering anywhere between 10 and 20 free spins with a 2x multiplier.

The bad news is that you may have to chase it for a while—I know I did—and on most spins you won't even see one scatter symbol. Given that you need 3 to trigger the bonus round, you may need to devote a bit of time (and some AUD) to get there.

Strangely enough, I won less during the bonus round than I did during the first big win I experienced during standard play – although the two figures were pretty close – but I think that was just bad luck on my part. I can easily see how, had a few near misses connected, I could have had a very lucrative session of free spins.

Mayan Princess Online Pokies Review

Despite its lack of a gamble feature and a fairly standard bonus round, I still have to give high marks in my Mayan Princess pokies review. The game has quite a high variance, which won't appeal to every Australia online pokies fan, but it means that whenever you win you more often than not snare a pretty substantial sum of money.

The graphics and sounds are pretty immersive and it's easy to spend quite some time playing the game without the need to keep feeding money in. The multiplier in the bonus round might not be too astonishing but, if you haven't been playing for too long, you'll probably come out of the other side with more than you started playing with.

If you've had your fill of fancy titles and complicated mini-games/bonus rounds, Mayan Princess might be just what you need to put your brain on autopilot and spend a little time chasing a big AUD jackpot.

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