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If you’re a fan of the Terminator movie series, or you simply want to enjoy a high quality gaming experience the Terminator 2 online pokies game has a lot to offer. It puts you in the world where deadly cyborgs are real and one is hunting you down. You’ll play through brilliant robot-themed graphics and cut scenes as you try to win massive prizes. This game is readily available in Australia and you’ll see from this Terminator 2 pokies review that it has a lot to offer to the typical player.

How to Play

Playing the Terminator 2 is an exciting experience that affords you the chance to win a great deal of AUD if you get lucky. The game itself is pretty simple, but you have to understand how to get things started and what to look out for as you play the game. To get started you simply choose the amount that you want to bet. It should allow you to pick from around .30 to 30.00 per coin depending on how much you want to risk every spin. The amount you bet is important because it determines how much every prize is in the game, even the massive free round jackpot.

While playing the game you’ll be looking out for two different things. The first is T-1000 symbols that serve as wilds and will transform to symbols that you need to help you win additional prizes. The second is the game changing to T-800 Vision mode. When it switches to the T-800 bonus round you’re expected to pick out an option to potentially win major bonuses.

  • T-1000 wild symbol
  • Free play round triggered by scatter symbol
  • T-800 Vision bonus feature

Graphics and Sounds

In this Terminator 2 pokies review there is one element of the game that stands out more than all the rest and that’s the graphics and sounds. Many games are played simply for their prizes, or for the entertaining bonus rounds, the Terminator 2 pokies has a lot more to offer than that. It’s engaging, it is built with quality graphics from the movie the Terminator 2, and it relies on a series of cut scenes, advanced videos, life-like sounds and graphics to bring the game to life. It’s exciting to play and it’s still one of the highest quality offerings after all these years of being released.

Bonus Features

The Terminator 2 offers a special bonus feature known as T-800 vision that lets you look through the eyes of the Terminator as he tries to hunt down his latest target in this exciting Aussie game.

T-800 Vision

While playing the Terminator 2 online pokies in Australia you’ll have a chance to unlock the T-800 Vision feature. The feature randomly unlocks on non-winning spins. That means even when you aren’t winning a prize you’ll have a reason to get excited about the game, which helps to cut down any dull moments that you’ll experience during standard gameplay. While playing this bonus game you’ll scan around different targets to try and unlock cash prizes. The best prizes come from character symbols that you find while doing the scan, with the T-1000 giving you the very largest prize that you can get form the feature. It’s possible to win up to 125 times your stake, but even more importantly it’s possible to unlock the free spins feature where massive wins are possible.

Free Spins

While going through the T-800 Vision feature, When you play the Terminator 2 online pokies and you get to the free play rounds, there is a top prize offered that’s 2,950 times your initial stake on offer. That means if you’re betting 30 coins you could win over 80,000 as a top prize. That’s impressively large and something that players get excited about.

Terminator 2 Online Pokies Review

When playing Australia online pokies there are few games as engaging or exciting as Terminator 2 from Microgaming. It looks beautiful, it offers a few engaging bonus features and it comes with the chance to win massive prizes through its free play feature. There’s a lot going for this pokies machine, and it’s simple enough for any new player to pick up and start playing.

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