The Dark Knight Online Pokies Review






4 Million

Bonus round


Overall rating

95 /100

The Dark Knight was one of the most popular films worldwide. There was a widespread Aussie audience when it first came out, and it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the Dark Knight is a popular game among Australia online pokies. It has an edgy theme, offers top progressive jackpot prizes and comes with enough features to keep things interesting. All of this comes together to make an award-winning pokies experience.

How to Play

The Dark Knight is a simple game to play, but you should know what symbols to look out for before you get started. Both Joker and Batman offer special prizes and give out rewards at random when they pop up on the screen. You’ll enjoy wilds and extra wild spaces that pop up because of the Batman and Joker spaces.

To get started playing you simply choose how much your coins are worth and how many you want to bet with between one and five at a time. Other than that you press the spin button and watch as the reels turn around and finally come to a stop at the final position. Three symbols in a row is a win, and major features unlock with Batman or Joker scatter symbols. Keep your eye on the reels and you’ll unlock some cool features eventually.

  • Massive progressive bonus
  • Joker scatter symbols
  • Free spin feature
  • Full reel wilds

Graphics and Sounds

The Dark Knight was one of the most highest grossing batman films of all time and to commemorate that highly followed film the Dark Knight online pokies was created by Microgaming. It brings much of the spirit and the high level of quality to life. All the graphics are high resolution and some of the nicest you’ll see on a pokies machine. The first thing you’ll notice when playing this batman-themed online pokies in Australia is the dark look and feel of the game.

It has high resolution batman and joker characters. It also features photos of Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent and other important characters to the original film. Winning spins are accompanied by cinematic clips that bring the action to life and make the game itself more exciting to play. It’s one of the top progressive pokies options today and you’ll have a hard time finding a negative the Dark Knight pokies review out there for that very reason.

Bonus Features

The Dark Knight is an exciting slot machine with both free spins and progressive jackpot features. These features are simple to unlock and don’t require much skill or strategy to use.

Free Spins

To unlock the free spins feature you must get at least three joker symbols in a row. You’ll unlock a total of 15 free spins that come with a 2x multiplier, and you can potentially unlock a multiplier up to 5x by getting more Batman or joker symbols during the free spin rounds.

Progressive Jackpots

While playing the game you can randomly unlock the progressive jackpot feature. This can potentially award you as much as 4 million coins, something that is pretty serious. To improve your chances of a progressive jackpot while enjoying this game in Australia you simply have to bet higher amounts of money.

To play these progressive jackpots you have to choose between Batman or Joker and hope that you get a high quality spin that leaves you with a top prize.

The Dark Knight Online Pokies Review

There’s a reason that the Dark Knight is one of the most popular Australia online pokies, and that’s because it’s so well done. Not only does this machine offer potential rewards in the millions of AUD, but it also has breathtaking cinematics and cool free spin features that keep things interesting.

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